Politics or Facebook Drama?

Source: Politics or Facebook Drama?


Politics or Facebook Drama?

I have to laugh when I think of the way politics work. You have two people who put on a front pretending to be someone they are not. You have one contender shouting faults of the other and vice versa. That sounds like two people on Facebook arguing it out for the public to see and take sides. Our world has turned into a live social media network(A.K.A. Soap Opera). Nothing is real anymore. Even the news is fake when you pay attention. If you run all news channels at the same time, you will see that they are all saying the same exact words. How is that, when they are rival television stations? (Hint, Hint) We have politicians who feel that its okay to put the citizens of America in danger to help their own cause. They sacrifice people for causes that they wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for. They lie and keep things from the people like they don’t work for them.

Remember that these people are supposed to represent the American people. How can they represent a people that they don’t know anything about? They never ask what the people want. They just hire some college to do some study that probably doesn’t include the people of question, or they make up some dramatized opinion of what they think is best. But get this: The worst things that were done to people were done with the best intentions. For instance, a city gets a one billion dollar grant. The city officials think that it is best to build buildings in the downtown district, connect walking/jogging trails, and fix streets that don’t need to be fixed. If they gave a crap about the citizens, they would have paid the debt of the new water system that has the citizens paying double the amount on their water bills. If they would have asked the citizens, some of the money would have went to the school system for transportation, being that children are now walking 2 miles to get to school each day.

Right now, there are two people running for mayor. One says, “we need more buildings and pretty things downtown”. The other says. “we need more police on the streets”. Both sound like idiots to me. If they were to take a trip to the poorest areas of town, the would find that what the people need are jobs that promise advancement and permanency and do not discriminate.

One even went on to say that drugs are the reason for crime. I tell you, I am laughing very hard right now. Look at it this way. Have you ever heard a drug addict say “I don’t have any drugs to use, so I’m going to go and sell drugs”? Yeah, I know you are probably laughing too now. The whole statement makes absolutely no sense. People are selling drugs because they are POOR! They need money. People are using drugs to escape the reality of being POOR!

Now, I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world, but it seems to me that all the problems would be fixed if the people could obtain jobs, affordable housing, and uplifting programs for children and teens. They get mad about the teens being in gangs, but the government is the biggest gang there ever was. It is organized crime to the fullest of it’s definition and is being paraded in front of our children like it is good. Then you expect them not to follow?

NOTHING should be forced on anyone in a free state. No free place should be allowed to MAKE someone do something, especially if they don’t want to. Sounds like racketeering to me. Reminds me of mob movies. You ever seen those movies where the mob shakes down some business? They say you are going to pay  us to protect you, even if you don’t want our protection. If you don’t pay us, we will cause harm to you, your family, your business, and your public image. The law(IRS, FBI, CIA, etc.) say that we have to pay taxes that pay for their salaries, the political decisions that they make, and to support their 6-figure incomes and lifestyles or we will be thrown in jail, fined, businesses and houses seized, bank accounts seized, and other forms of torment. Sounds like a gang to me.

Why is it that everyone wants to scam off of the backs of others? Why does everyone want other people to serve under them as slaves? Why can’t we as people treat each other as equals instead of superiors and deficients? Everyone wants it all, but no one wants to do the work. Everyone wants something for nothing, or they want something off of someone else’s work. And the people who don’t want a hand out and are willing to work to get where they are, they are the ones that are conned out of every penny they have(taxes, mandatory health insurance, mandatory car insurance, mandatory item taxes, etc.). How is it helping people to make sure that every penny they could be saving is being spent on things that they don’t want or need(i.e. wars that the causes are hidden or distorted, military items that aren’t needed, scientific studies that are not attributed to the helping of human beings, trips to outer space,etc.)?

It is a shame that we live in this drama filled real life social media network. So you tell me, is it just politics or is it a real life social media network?